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Drilling Mud Desander

  • Desander is the second equipment in solids control system,it is used to separate solid phase particles whose diameter is 40~75μm.

Desander is the second equipment in solids control system,it is used to separate solid phase particles whose diameter is 40~75μm.

(1)Select Special wear-resistant polyurethane material hydrocyclones.

(2)Inlet tangential feeding,smooth transition ,which help to improve separation efficiency and have a wide range of separation sizes.

(3)Symmetrical feeding design can make the liquid distribution to be more reasonable and stable.

(4)Size of the underflow hole of the hydrocyclone can be adjusted in order to control the handling capacity of the equipment.

(5)Different specifications and quantities of hydrocyclones can be matched according to the handling capacity that customer required.    

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The Particle Size Separable by the Desanding Equipment Depends on:

1.The size of the cyclone.

2.Shunt ratio underflow/overflow.

3.Inlet header pressure.

The efficiency of a cyclone depends on the following factors

1.Cyclone Design

2.Rheological properties of fluids

3.Size range of solids to be removed

4.Operational pressure

Drilling Mud Desander

Desanding equipment Parameters

Treating Capacity90m³/h396GPM120m³/h528GPM240m³/h1056GPM300m³/h1320GPM
Separation Size40~75μm
Cone Size10"(250)10"(250)10"(250)12"(300)
Cone Number1122
Matching PumpDCSB5×4-12-22kWDCSB6×5-12-30kWDCSB8×6-13-55kWDCSB8×6-13-55kW
Electric Specs380V/50HZ or 460V/60HZ or Customized
EX standardEx dⅡ BT4
Inlet DiameterDN150
Outlet DiameterDN200
Matching ShakerScreen Specification600×1600mm,120-300 mesh
Screen TypeSoft Hookstrip
Motor Power0.4kW
Remark1.10"Cones=90~120m3/h ,12" Cones>120m3/h 2.The motor power of centrifugal pump choosed is according to drilling mud specific gravity 1.2g/cm3

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