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Oilfield Mud Cleaner

  • Mud Cleaner is the mud cleaning equipment combination of desander,desilter hydrocyclone and an underflow shale shaker.

Introduction of Mud Cleaner

To overcome many of the limitations of current solids removal equipment, a combination (shale shaker, desander, desilter) equipment was developed for weighted mud. This solids control device, called a mud cleaner, removes most of the drilled solids while retaining most of the barite and the liquid phase of the mud, and plays an important role in a mud cleaning system. Unlike most barite recovery or solids removal equipment, which is typically used only after drilling solids reach undesired levels, mud cleaners are most effective when applied immediately after barite is added to the mud system, and are used continuously thereafter. . Continuous operation removes solids before they break down into silt or clay sizes, preventing drill bit solids from accumulating in the mud cleaning system. Mud Cleaner is the mud cleaning equipment combination of desander,desilter hydrocyclone and an underflow shale shaker.

Advantages of Mud Cleaner

(1)Compact structure, powerful function and small footprint area.

(2)The material of hydrocyclone use the wear-resistant special polyurethane.

(3)Underflow shaker equips the DC different model shale shakers.

(4)We can design and manufacture the different numbers of desander and desilter hydrocyclone for clients'requirements.

Mud Cleaner Parameters

ModelDCQJ250 × 1/100 × 6DCQJ250 × 1/100 × 8DCQJ250 × 2/100 × 12DCQJ300 × 2/100 × 16
Treating Capacity90m3/h
Separation Size15-75μm
Desander Cones10"(250) × 110"(250) × 110"(250) × 212"(300) × 2
Desilter Cones4"(100) × 64"(100) × 84"(100) × 124"(100) × 16
Inlet DiameterDN150
Outlet DiameterDN200
Matching PumpDCSB5 × 4-12-22kWDCSB6 × 5-12-30kWDCSB8 × 6-13-55kWDCSB8 × 6-13-55kW
Matching ShakerModelDCZS850-2KDCZS700-3GDCZS630-3K
Vibrating ModelLinear Motion
Motor Power2 × 1.5kW2 × 1.5kW2 × 1.5kW
Screen Qty2 panel3 panel3 panel
Screen Specification850 × 1250mm × 2 panel,120~300mesh700 × 1050mm × 3 panel,120~300mesh630 × 1250mm × 3 panel,120~300mesh
Screen Area2.12m22.2 m22.36 m2
Screen TypeSteel FrameHookstripSteel Frame
Electric Specs380V/50HZ or 460V/60HZ or Customized
EX StandardEx dⅡBT4
Dimension2530 × 1750 × 2210 mm2530 × 1750 × 2210 mm2530 × 1750 × 2210 mm2530 × 1750 × 2210 mm
Remark1、4" Cones =10~20m3/h, 10" Cones =90~120m3/h ,12" Cones>120m3/h 2、The motor power of centrifugal pump choosed is according to drilling mud specific gravity 1.2g/cm3

Tangshan Dachuan Machinery specializes in the production and sales of mud cleaner and mud cleaning system. At the same time, we will also provide you with a complete system of after-sales service. You are welcome to ask us any questions at any time!

Oilfield Mud CleanerOilfield Mud Cleaner

Location of Mud Cleaner in Drilling Fluid System

The Mud Cleaner is usually co-located with the desilter in the drilling fluid system. Typically, desilters or hydrocyclones are used for the unweighted portion of the borehole by diverting the underflow away from the mud tank. When adding weighting agents, barite or hematite to the system, the screen is placed on the mud cleaner shaker. The discarded solids from the hydrocyclone are sieved to discard most of the larger solids than the pyrite and the returned solids are smaller than the screen size of most of the liquid phase.

Another method has also been used to make mud cleaners using a major shale shaker, mostly on offshore drilling platforms. When multiple linear or balanced elliptical shakers are required to handle the flow in the upper part of the wellbore, fewer shakers can handle the flow after the wellbore size is reduced and the mud weight is increased. The rig was modified to mount up to 20 4-inch hydrocyclones above one main vibrator. The feed and overflow (light pulp) from the hydrocyclone are connected as usual. As usual, all the desilter underflow was discarded in the unweighted portion of the wellbore, while the shale shaker was sifting the drilling fluid from the flow line. Typically, this is the maximum flow expected when drilling. As the well gets deeper, the drilling fluid needs to be heavier, and the flow rate usually decreases. When barite comes in, the valve blocks the flow of streamlined drilling fluid to one of the main shale shakers. The desilter underflow is diverted to the shaker screen, making the shaker a mud cleaner.

Oilfield Mud Cleaner

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