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Bored Piling Mud System

The bored piling mud system adopts the mud wall protection,  pile foundation engineering of circulation drilling process( include the Rotary digging drill, Percussion drill and ect.), anti-seepage wall works mud cleaning system. Which is greatly improve the reuse rate of waste mud to avoid the mud discharge arbitrarily, and help clients decrease the working cost, to get the purpose of environmental protection construction. 

Advantages of Bored piling mud system

1. It can fully clean the mud and control mud property index, Reduce the sticking drilling accident and improve drilling hole quality.

2. To realize the mud reuse and save the mud making material. Substantially reduced the cost of waste mud transportation and mud making.

3. The effective separation of soil slag is beneficial to improve the hole efficiency.

4. The closed-circuit circulation of the mud and the lower moisture content of the slag reduce the influence on the environment.

5. With double screen, the purification effect is more than 50% higher than that of single-layer screen. The operation is safe and convenient, the maintenance is simple, and the operation is stable and reliable.

Main parameters:

ModelTreating capacity(m³/h)Separation point d50(μm)Dimension (m)Total power (kw) Weight (kg)  
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