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Decanter Centrifuge

Drilling fluid centrifuge is used for recovering barites, removing small solid particles, reducing solids content in mud, thus ensure drilling fluid performance.

1 Shanghai centrifuge research institute particles in the development of our products.

2 Bowl, screw propeller and collecting box all adopt stainless steel 304 material.

3 Impeller of screw propeller welding hard alloy.

4 Solids discharging port adopts replaceable hard alloy and inlay ceramic protecting materials.

5 Bearing all adopt imported Sweden SKF.

6 Electrical components select Siemens or Schneider brands.

7 Adopt planetary differential.

8 Feeding pumps adopt DC Screw pumps.

LW Centrifuge Parameters

Max capacity10 m3/h30 m3/h40m3/h50m3/h60m3/h90m3/h
Main motor7.5kW22kW30kW37kW45kW55kW
Back motor4kW5.5kW5.5kW7.5kW11kW22kW
Feeding pump3kW5.5kW5.5kW5.5kW7.5kW11kW
Separation Point5~7μm
Electric Specs380V/50HZ or 460V/60HZ or customized
Bowl Dia250mm350mm450mm450mm600mm700mm
Bowl length1100mm1000mm842mm1000mm1019mm1200mm
Bowl speed4000rpm3200rpm2200rpm2200rpm1800rpm1480rpm
Separation factor2240G2007G1220G1220G1088G859G
Weight1000kg3000 kg3000kg3000kg3800 kg4500 kg
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