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Hdd Mud Recycling Systems

  • A mud reclaimer or recycler is a solids control device designed to filter and clean drilling fluid coming back from a drill bore.

HDD Mud Recycling Systems( is short for horizontal directional drilling) is applied to urban municipal construction and electrified pipe network transformation. Communication cable laying and the big and small rivers, lake and the horizontal directional crossing construction when the building cannot be demolished, especially in the environmental protection and municipal pipe network expansion project and the horizontal directional crossing construction of large pipeline crossing river project.

The main functions of drilling fluid are to provide hydrostatic pressure to prevent formation fluids from entering and to stabilize the bore, to keep the drill bit cool and clean, to carry drill cuttings back out to the surface, and to suspend the drill cuttings. At the same time, drilling is paused or during the pullback process. Drilling fluid containing excess cuttings can easily damage the pistons, liners, and valves of a mud pump; therefore, it’s critical to clean the fluid down to trace amounts of solids.

Normally, a solids control system consists of a mud tank with compartments for both incoming dirty and cleaning fluid, a shale shaker, a desander (depending upon the size of the unit), and a desilter. The shale shaker separates larger solids, approximately 400 microns and larger, the desander separates solids approximately 100 microns and larger, and the desilter separates solids approximately 40 microns and larger. After the fluid processes through the desilter and is deposited into the clean tank, it can then be pumped to the mud pump to be pumped back downhole.

Main advantages of HDD Mud recycling systems

1. DCMC Series HDD mud circulation system has the three functions of solid phase control, rapidly mixing and reserve mud.

2. Which can separate the solid phase from the returned drilling fluid, the treated fluid can be circulating used.

3. On the one hand, it reduces the amount of mud, reduces the pollution to the environment, and reduces the amount of waste disposal. On the other hand, because the recycled mud is mature mud, the performance      is relatively stable, which can reduce the underground accidents due to unstable performance.

4. The mud purification system and horizontal directional drilling rig supporting construction, complete the pipeline through the construction of the whole process.

Features of DC HDD CBM  Mud Recycling Equipments

Complete line Mud System: DCMC50 / DCMC100 / DCMC200 Self-Contained Mud Recycling Systems.

Cost-Effective Equipment integration: Complete drilling mud equipment from a single source-DC Solids Control Factory.

Fast moved compact system: Small footprint design with fast connection for removable parts and most parts fixed while traveling meet transport regulation.

Assured customer service: We can send our experienced engineers for installation and training up customer engineers.

Mud Tanks Flexible Options: Skid Mounted or Trailer Mounted or Hydraulic Jack Up mud recycling Tanks available for your options.


Main parameter

ModelTreating capacity(m³/h)Separation pointd50(μm)Dimension(m)Total power(kw) Weight(kg)  

Configurations of DC drilling mud recycling systems

Mud Recycling Tank, drilling mud mixing tank with attachments like walkways, handrails, mud clean gate.

Shale Shaker for first phase mud recycling equipment of solids upper 100 microns.

Desander for the second mud cleaning of separation solids upper 50 microns.

Desilter is the third phase mud recycling equipment of separation solids upper to 20 microns.

Decanter Centrifuges is the fourth phase mud recycling equipment for the separation of solids in the upper 2 to 5 microns.

Mud Agitators, Mud guns, Mud mixing pumps, and drilling mud transfer pumps for the Mud recycling unit.

Besides the standard drilling mud recycling systems, DC also provides a customized mud recycling systems according to drilling contractors' applications.

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