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Drilling Cutting Box

  • Drilling cutting box mainly used in offshore to transport abandon drilling fluid and drilling cuttings to onshore. But cutting box have already generalized to onshore at present. It is an essential part in drilling waste management.

Cutting Box Introduction 

    Cutting boxes are the primary method of transporting drilling waste  fluids and drilling cuttings to coasts around the world. The Drilling Cuttings Box was developed as a simple method of collecting and transporting cuttings, taking into account the weight limitations of the cranes on the Shanghai early rigs. The cutting box is usually placed near the solids control equipment, where the cuttings can be moved a relatively short distance and collected in the box. When a cutting box is full, it is removed and an empty cuttings box is dragged into place. When a large number of complete cutting boxes are ready, they are loaded on boats and returned to shore. Empty drilling cutting boxes in the Dock Facility Replace Returned ones. Drill cuttings treatment is mainly used in offshore to transport drilling fluid and drilling cuttings to onshore.

Cutting Box Characteristics

1. The structure of the cutting box is indurative and there are watertight seals.

2. The bottom of the cuttings box is planar and there is no bulge, which is very crucial in drilling waste management.

3. Weld surface molding is uniformity,  densification, closely integrated with the steel plate. It is seamless, and there is no oversized surplus height of seam, weld beading, arc crater, undercut and other defects.

4. Antiseptic sand blasting of Q235A steel, twice of expoxy zinc rich primer,  penguard midcoat MIO and chlorinated rubber top-coat. the thickness of dry editpaint film is larger than 100um

5. CCS Certificate of offshore drilling cutting box.

Drilling Cutting Box Parameters:

Dead load(t)0.75
Working load(t)Customized

Cutting Box FAQ

What is a cutting box for drilling waste?

    A cutting box is a container or enclosure specifically designed to capture and contain drilling waste generated 

during drilling operations. It helps to maintain a clean and safe working environment by preventing the spread 

of debris and contaminants.

How does a cutting box work?

    A cutting box typically features an open top or lid where drilling waste, such as rock cuttings or mud, can be 

deposited. The box is usually equipped with a mesh or grate at the bottom to allow fluids to drain while 

retaining solid waste. This allows for the separation of liquids and solids, facilitating proper drill cutting disposal

 or drilling waste recycling.

What are the benefits of using a cutting box?

    Using a cutting box helps to minimize environmental impact by containing drilling waste and preventing it 

from contaminating surrounding areas. It also promotes safety by reducing the risk of slips and falls on slippery 

surfaces, as well as providing a controlled environment for drilling waste management.

Where is a cutting box typically used?

    Cutting boxes are commonly used in various drilling operations, including oil and gas exploration, mining, 

construction, and environmental remediation projects. They are deployed on drilling rigs, well pads, or other

 job sites where drilling waste is generated.

How do you clean and maintain a cutting box?

    Regular cleaning and maintenance of a cutting box are essential to ensure its effectiveness and longevity. 

This may involve emptying the box of waste. Rinsing with water to remove residues, and disinfecting it with 

appropriate cleaning agents. Inspecting the box for any signs of damage or wear andtear is also recommended, and repairs or replacements should be carried out as needed.

Can a cutting box be customized for specific requirements?

    Yes, cutting boxes can often be customized or modified to meet specific requirements or preferences. 

This may include adding features such as dredge systems, covers or lids, wheels for mobility, or integrating with other equipment or systems on the job site. Consulting with solid control companies or 

suppliers experienced in waste management solutions can help tailor a cutting box to suit individual needs.

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Drilling Cutting Box

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