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Drilling Fluid Cyclone Ready for Shipment

Mar. 28, 2018

The drilling fluid cyclone used in drilling operations is a hydrocyclone, which is a general term for de-sanders, desilters and micro cyclones. The main structure of the drilling fluid cyclone is a vertical conical vessel with a cylindrical portion. The inner diameter of the cylindrical portion is the size (nominal diameter) of the cyclone. It can convert the pressure of the liquid pumped by the sand pump through the feed pipe into centrifugal force, forcing the solid particles suspended in the drilling fluid to separate from the drilling fluid. From the principle of gravity sedimentation, this separation process actually increases the centrifugal acceleration of solid particles by increasing the centrifugal force in the conical vessel, thereby realizing the accelerated precipitation of solid particles. Centrifugal motion in the cyclone can increase the centrifugal acceleration of the particles up to 200 times. In the drilling operation, the cyclone uses this centrifugal acceleration to discharge the solid particles in the range of 7-80 μm suspended in the drilling fluid from the bottom outlet of the cone through the grit tube. At the same time, the purified drilling fluid is the overflow is recovered by the overflow pipe.

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Drilling Fluid Cyclone

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