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How to extend shaker screen service life

Aug. 09, 2019

Shale shaker screen is fine mesh (single, dual or triple layered) used for filtering and separating drilling cuttings from mud (drilling fluid). It is of great importance to drilling efficiency, DC Machinery Screening separation technology is committed to designing the high quality screening to provide our clients the right screen for the perfect fit at competitive price.

How to extend shaker screen service life

As we all known, shaker screen is an quick wear part of shale shaker spare parts. And if wrongly used will caused high cost of it. But how to use and prolong shaker screes life is a very crucial problem. Following is the matters need attention of shaker screens: 

1.Run the correct screens for the conditions.

2.Don’t overload the screens

3.Stop no load conditions where possible

4.Don’t run adjustable shakers on high ‘G’ levels for extended periods

5.Clean shaker screens regularly

6.Repair burst panels

7.Diverter Plate Design

DC's shale shaker screens meet all the international standards with a cheaper price. Contact us today to learn more about how our shaker screens can improve your shaker performance and drilling fluid recycling.

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