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Finished the production of DCZYQ1200 Mud gas separator

Nov. 11, 2019

ZYQ series Mud gas separator(Poor Boy Degasser) is professional equipment to treat the gas invade mud. When the drilling mud result gas invade, the proportion of its weight and viscosity have a greater deviation not to meet the requirements of drilling.

Finished the production of DCZYQ1200 Mdu ags separtaor

At present,DC Solid control finished the production of ZYQ1200 Mud gas separator used for oil and gas drilling. The main parameter of the ZYQ1200 poorboy degasser( Mud gas separator) as below: 

Treating capacity:        280~360m3/h

Main body:                1200mm

Tank wall thickness:      12mm

Inlet:                    5"

Outlet:                   10"

Vent-pipe:                8"

Working principle of mud gas separator

The operating principle of a mud/gas separator is relatively simple. The device is essentially a vertical steel cylindrical body with openings on the top, bottom, and side, as shown in Fig. 1. The mud and gas mixture is fed into the separator inlet and directed at a flat steel plate perpendicular to the flow. This impingement plate minimizes the erosional wear on the separator's internal walls and assists with mud/gas separation. Separation is further assisted as the mud/gas mixture falls over a series of baffles designed to increase the turbulence within the upper section of the vessel. The free gas is then vented through the gas vent line, and mud is returned to the mud tanks.

Finished the production of DCZYQ1200 Mdu ags separtaor

To be as a professional manufacturer of solid control system. DC Solid control can design. DCZYQ600, DCZYQ800, DCZYQ1000 and DCZYQ1200 Mud gas separator. If you want to buy Solids control Mud gas separator for solids control system,drilling fluids,well drilling solids control Mud gas separator from China manufacturer, please contact us. 

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