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The order of 3 sets of solid control vacuum degasser

Nov. 18, 2019

Oilfield Vacuum Degasser is called also called Gas Buster in oilfield drilling fluids gas separating. Oilfield Vacuum degasser ( Gas Buster ) is among the important equipment in drilling mud system, for the purpose of treating gas-cut drilling fluid.

Last week DC Solid control got a order of 3 sets ZCQ300 vacuum degasser. The main specification of ZCQ300 as followings: Main Diameter is 900mm; Treating Capacity is ≤300 m3/h; Vacuum is -0.030~-0.055MPa; Inlet Diameter is 159mm; Motor Power is 30kW; Vacuum Power is 4kw. 

The order of 3 sets of solid control vacuum degasser

DCZCQ Series Vacuum Degassers are able to service the needs of any application .It is usually installed after the shakers. Each degasser effectively and efficiently removes gases from gas-cutmud, thus ensuring that the proper mud weight is pumped down hole. In doing so, the degassers are able to aid in the prevention of potential blowouts. 

The order of 3 sets of solid control vacuum degasser

Unlike the traditional vacuum degasser, DCZCQ vacuum degasser is a self-contained unit, DC Vacuum Degasser is monitored by level sensor to protect over suction of the fluids. The gas-cut mud is drawn into the degasser by a vacuum created by a regenerative vacuum without needing centrifugal pump. DC degasser can act as a big agitator for the drilling mud, which helps the treatment for desander and desilter.

According to the different drilling depth and the customer requirment, DC Solid control can manufacture different capacity vacuum degasser, such as DCZCQ240 (240m3/h),DCZCQ270(270m3/h),DCZCQ360(360m3/h). 

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