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How to Choose the Drilling Fluid Shale Shaker Correctly?

Oct. 11, 2022

Drilling fluid shale shaker can eliminate the size of solid-phase particles relies on the size and shape of the screen. Field dates show that using a 12 mesh shale shaker can eliminate the solid phase by 10% in drilling fluid. In order to use more fine drilling cuttings to be eliminated, we should use 80-120 mesh screens. 

However, it has some problems; the screen area of a fine screen is smaller than the normal screen, then the capacity is decreased; the strength of the fine wire is lower, so the service life is shorter than the normal screen; when high viscosity drilling fluid passes the fine screen, the screen hole is easy to be blocked, even is completed pasted, then produce the bridge paste phenomenon. ing drilling mud shale shaker, drilling fluid mud cleaner, desander, desilter, drilling fluids decanter centrifuge, vacuum degasser, mud tanks, mud gun, mud agitator, drilling mud centrifugal pumps, and all the other solids control equipment, complete solids control system, etc

Drilling fluid shale shaker

Considerations for choosing a drilling fluid shale shaker

In order to increase the service life and anti-clogging ability, the field often uses the laminate screen, the bottom wide meshed screen has the support action, there are double levels and multilayer screen. Usually, the superstratum uses the coarse screen, and lower levels use the fine screen. 

The coarse screen cleans the coarse solid phase and can decrease the shoulder for the lower screen so that it can efficiently eliminate the fine solid phase. The shortcoming is it is difficult to clean, maintain and replace the lower screen. 

Because the screen is finer and easier to be blocked, the amplitude of the fine shale shaker is higher than the normal screen. According the high amplitude to vibrate can decrease the blocking degree and prevent the bridge paste phenomenon.

When choosing a drilling fluid shale shaker, we should accord the solid phase particles distribution to choose the suitable screen, we also should consider the licensing throughput of the screen. The capacity of the mud screen can adapt to the maximum discharge in the drilling process. The factors influence drilling fluids shale shaker capacity, its self-motion parameter, the types, density, viscosity, solid-phase size distribution, content, and screen hole size of drilling fluid. The screen is finer, the viscosity is higher and the capacity is less. Usually, the viscosity every 10% increase and capacity will decrease by about 2%. In order to meet the requirement of big discharge, sometimes need 2 or 3 sets of shale shaker parallel uses.

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