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Hydrocyclones: 11 Troubles and Troubleshooting

Sep. 06, 2022

Frequent failures of hydrocyclones include abnormal superb granularity, inability to reach the cutting point, unstable performance, clogging, etc. The following are more than 10 faults and troubleshooting concerning hydrocyclones.


Trouble 1: low Underflow Density


If the hydrocyclone is not fed correctly, replace the discharge nozzle/overflow pipe;

The size of the discharge nozzle is incorrect, use the correct size discharge nozzle.



Trouble 2: Hydrocyclone Vibration Violently


If empty suction occurs, use the suction pipe.

A large amount of material, change the feed/hydrocyclone parameters;

Linear layout, control entrance;

The overflow pipe is deformed and the overflow pipe is replaced;

Local blockage in the hydrocyclone, stop and check.


Trouble 3: Hydrocyclone Blockage

hydrocyclone system


The mismatched material enters the hydrocyclone and checks the sieve hole.


Trouble 4: Abnormal Over-Granularity


Underflow nozzle is worn seriously, so replace the suitable underflow nozzle.

If the feeding density is too high, check the blockage;

Feed reverse flow, replace easy-to-grind parts.


Trouble 5: Cannot Reach Cut Point


The feed size is incorrect, replace the feed/hydrocyclone parameters.


Trouble 6: Unstable Performance


Uneven distribution of materials, the use of the correct distributor;

Blockage, check for blockage.


Trouble 7: Unstable Operating Pressure

desander hydrocyclone


The pump and the hydrocyclone are unbalanced, isolate the hydrocyclone to achieve a stable operating pressure or reset the pump speed.


Trouble 8: High Wear Rate


The flow rate is too large-the pressure drops too much, change the feeding condition or hydrocyclone parameters;

2-stage operation / need large size hydrocyclone, change hydrocyclone parameters;

The wearability of the incoming material is high, and the manufacturing material should be replaced.


Trouble 9: Overflow Occurs


The pipeline of the follow-up system is limited or blocked, and the restriction is cancelled.

Check the angle of the line and the size of the line in the discharge area.


Trouble 10: No Fan Flow is Formed


large coal amount and foaming coal proportion, reduce the carrying coal;

Unreasonable pressure setting, adjust pump frequency;

Feed pump opening small, open the valve;


Trouble 11: Underflow With Too Many Materials


Cut off the solid feed and replace it with a large discharge nozzle;

Check whether the discharge nozzle and feed pipe are blocked.


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