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Linear Motion Shale Shaker: Work Principle and Advantages

Mar. 25, 2022

Linear Motion Shale Shaker In Drilling Rig


Linear motion shale shaker as a solids control equipment are mainly used in oilfield drilling industry, but also widely used in plastic, chemical industry, medicine, building material, food, fertilizer and other industries. The linear motion shakers can separate out powder and granule.


Linear motion shale shaker work principle

Linear motion shaker uses vibration motor as vibration source enables the fluids to be thrown up on the screen, forward in a straight line at the same time. The material is from the feeder evenly into the sieving machine, producing number of different microns particles and discharged by different exports.

Shale shake adopt double vibrating motors. When two motors reverse rotation synchronously, producing the exciting force in the  parallel direction cancelling out to act as a force in perpendicular to the motor. So the vibrating track is linear all the time. Two motors have a dip in relatively side. Under both vibrator and mud fluids strength, the material in the shaker screen leap forward for linear motion. So as to achieve the purpose of screening and classification of materials.

It can be used to realize the automated assembly line in operation. The shale shaker has many advantages, like high strength vibration large screening area, little nose, excellent performance and high efficiency. Easy to operate, install and maintain. Making perfect mechanical steal, dust overflow and automatic nesting insure high efficiency, high performance by pipelining working.

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What's the advantages of Linear Motion Shale Shaker compared with other Shale Shaker?

In the role of oil drilling, the linear motion shale shaker as an indispensable part of its oil drilling operations for oil impact it is very large. For linear motion shale shaker screen, the use of linear motion shale shaker want better, then we need more on the performance of various aspects of the shale shaker to understand. Dachuan introduced: the use of linear motion shale shaker in the process, should be concerned about the state of the shale shaker screen work to help us more time to find and solve problems.

Linear motion shale shaker handle large displacement in the course of drilling fluid is very obvious advantages. So, what's the advantage compared to other linear motion shale shaker and other shale shaker?

First, linear vibrating screen has a high G-force excitation intensity, and can be adjusted according to conditions required in the use of more humane.

Secondly, linear vibrating screen has a high capacity and fast delivery speed cuttings.

Third, linear vibrating screen can handle large displacement large proportion of the drilling fluid, to reduce the difficulty of construction.

Fourth, linear shaker screen frame has a convenient angle adjustment device that adjusts the range -1 ° ~ 5 °.

Fifth, linear shaker has a unique fast-loading tensioning system, more convenient when changing screens.

Sixth, linear shaker with multiple feed boxes, weir and the box is divided into two.

Finally, linear shaker crochet mesh sieve and has wavy flat screens.


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