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Mud Storage Tanks Designed For Our Customer

Mar. 14, 2018

Mud tank for solid control system is very important. According to the needs provided by customers, DC designed a set of mud storage tanks equipped with a weight-increasing mixing device, a perfusion device, and a chemical refilling device, aiming to improve the physical and chemical properties of the drilling fluid to meet the needs of the drilling work. The entire system's power supply control is designed to be closed explosion-proof, compact and neat and reasonable. In the case of increasing the performance of its work, it also reduced the workload of the installation.

Mud tank for solid control system

2 paste tanks:

It is used to add the corresponding amount of medicines, sand, etc. into the slurry tank through the pulping funnel, and it is stirred by the mud agitator to reach a certain proportion and put into use.

5 mud storage tanks:

It is used to store the prepared slurry in the tank and stir it through the mud agitator for use.

Three well field slurry tanks:

It is used to place wells at the well site to inject the configured liquid into the well.

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