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Shear Pump Common Failures And Solutions

Sep. 22, 2022

The shear pump is a machine specifically designed to shear polymers and clays and has been used in the field and theoretically proven effective.


Shear pump polyurethane problems

Failure: Serious wear of oil seal leads to leakage.

Solution: Replace the polyurethane oil seal, in general, when the pump operation is 3-6 months, should be replaced once the shaft seal at the polyurethane oil seal and sleeve.

shear pump

Shear pump packing seal problem

Fault: packing seal leakage is serious, packing serious wear, sleeve surface wear.

Solution: Remove the packing, bend 90 degrees with a thin wire, move on the sleeve wall, if checked to have too deep grooves then replace the sleeve, the packing gland is too tightly pressed resulting in serious packing wear.


Shear pump impeller or vice impeller rotation is not normal

Cause: Small clearance between the back of the impeller and the guard plate, or the clearance between the vice impeller and the guard plate and the stuffing box is too small.

Solution: Adjust the clearance with bolts and nuts. After the adjustment, rotate the shaft by hand, and the parts shall not have the sound of blocking and friction, and the rotation is flexible.


Shear pump packing burned out

Cause: The packing cover is pressed too tightly, triggering overheating.

Solution: Replace the packing, the gland can not be pressed too tightly.


Working Principle

A shear pump can provide a high degree of shear for polymer (also for clay) to hydrate rapidly, solving the outstanding problems of polymer (or clay) in drilling fluid or completion fluid due to poor hydration. Meanwhile, the use of a shear pump can reduce polymer dosage by more than 15% and bentonite dosage by more than 30%, and improve mud cake and fluid flow loss, reduce drilling fluid shear ratio rate and improve gel strength, reaching the advanced level of similar foreign products, with more reliable shaft seal structure, excellent performance and more convenient to use and maintain.


Why do you need a shear pump?

Shear pump can provide high shear efficiency and accelerate the dilution of polymer, hydration process of solid control equipment. The polymer used in the slurry has a high molecular weight and is not easily hydrated by direct addition, so pre-shearing is required for the polymer. Shear pump can provide high displacement and head, which can meet the requirements of preparing and handling slurry. We offer high-quality shear pumps, please feel free to contact us if you need them.

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