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Tender project of Mud gas separator shipped to Indonesia

Sep. 11, 2020

Mud-Gas Separator serves as an ideal device if well blowout or kick is encountered or if operators apply under-balanced mud column in drilling processes. DC Solid control shipepd a set of ZCQ100 Mud gas separator to Indonesia client yesterday based on our high quality and reasonable price. 

The ZYQ series Mud gas Separator combined with the Electric Ignition Device can be used to ensure the drilling process smooth. It is devided into the normal pressure. 

Tender project of Mud gas separator shipped to Indonesia

Mud gas separator and pressure auto-control Mud gas separator, according to the pressure.Mud gas Separator is your best choice to prevent drilling mud invasion.

Features of ZYQ series Mud gas Separator

High efficiency and easy to maintain

Large capacity

Easy transportation and installation.

Maximizes free gas/mud separation

Unique U-shaped tube design eliminates moving parts and ensures a positive fluid seal, maintaining safe mud levels

Efficient baffle arrangement to easily separate gas from fluid

Available in varying sizes and lengths, accommodating any volume of fluid with high concentrations of gas

Heavy-duty steel construction and adjustable mounting skid for any rig

Tender project of Mud gas separator shipped to Indonesia

DC Solid control can design and fabricate the poor boy in varying sizes and lengths to meet your specific drilling conditions. Please contact us office to get more informtion about it. 

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